Our Services

We specialise in business improvement and business development helping small and medium-sized organisations (SMEs) across a variety of industries to develop and grow. Whether you need help with business strategy, operations, sales or finance, we’ll provide the reliable and professional support to get the job done. Rather than just giving advice, we deliver tailored, results-orientated business development projects, with clear timescales and costs.

The entrepreneurial focus of CEEP is to become a dominant market leader in Ghana by 2025 in the arena of Legal Studies (Law), Leadership & Entrepreneurial Mentorship, Organization of In-House Capacity Building Trainings, Education Abroad and Banner Advertisement for Universities. It hopes to become a leading educational consulting firm to promote smart learning and 80/20 approach in thinking.

Our Core Services:


CEEP Educational Consult provides Local Tuition for University of London International Programme Applicants who enrolls as INDEPENDENT Students in their pursuit of Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Course. Such Applicants enroll as their Graduates Entrants or Standard Entrants.
Graduate Entrant Applicants are qualified applicants with Minimum Qualification of 1st Degree or above. Graduate Entrants have a minimum of 2yrs and a maximum of 5yrs to successfully complete their Bachelor of Laws Study. Standard Entrants Applicants are holders of Academic Diplomas, HND or Applicants with Chartered background example ACCA, ACCE, ACII, CIMA etc. Standard Entrants have a Minimum of 3years and a Maximum of 8years to successfully complete theirs Bachelor of Laws Students.


CEEP Educational Consult provides 6months of Intensive Coaching tailor-made Tuition to Mature and Law (LLB & BL) Entrance Examination Applicants into ANY University or Professional Institution in Ghana.


Our Advertising Services helps businesses and institutions reach their targeted audience. We pride ourselves on being service driven, we place great importance on delivering quality signs made to the best of our ability. From Mobile Banners to Billboards and Online marketing.
CEEP Educational Consult has a door-to- door banner advertisement approach for tertiary institutions. Some of our clientele base include Catholic University, Wisconsin, KAAF, UCC, Distance Education(Kumasi), UEW Kumasi Campus, Knustford University, University of Energy and Natural Resources, University of London International Programmes among others.


Cultural exchange involves adapting and learning about a new environment, and this flexibility is a helpful skill for our participants before, during and after the Work & Travel program! In partnership with our Global Partners, UK, USA, China and Africa cultural Exchange programs are executed. Professionals are assisted to find jobs in Europe and Asia as well.
CEEP Educational Consult under it Exchange Program, in association with its global partners facilitate the admission, applications, Visa Acquisitions and Scholarship Applications of Prospective Students who intend to Study in Countries like Canada, China, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, USA etc. The focus is on Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate Studies.


CEEP in partnership with foreign partners train to design solutions that directly addresses your business changes. CEEP provide Executive Education solutions which include for both Finance and Non-Finance professionals. Our Company experienced team of experts’ works with organizations to identify skill gaps and deliver customized corporate training that focuses on not only the needs of employees, but also the business.
CEEP Educational Consult under takes a tailor-made In- House Training for Organizations based on their Needs Assessment. Areas of coverage include organizational Strategic Planning, Sales, Marketing, Performance Management, SWOT Profiles etc.


CEEP present in a mentoring relationship which may be a powerful way to accelerate learning and boost leadership skills for any entrepreneur, business owner or leader. CEEP focuses and gain clarity on issues which inspires individuals to provide encouragement and moral support when needed. This facilitates access to people in their network that might be a resource for you.
CEEP Educational Consult provides an In- House Leadership and Entrepreneurship Mentorship Training with focus on JHS/SHS Students and Street Smart Young Entrepreneurs. Public Lectures shall be conducted with the passage of time.


Our ICT umbrella includes all the technology, communication devices or applications encompassing: computers as well as necessary enterprise software, CCTV, website and graphic design. Our aim is to help your company maximize the value of your investment in Information Technology. Various ICT Modules are taught at the Smart Learning Center and Certified thereon.


CEEP Educational Consult are specialist in business consultancy services, business planning, strategy, business growth consultancy bid writing, procurement. We offer a strategic planning and business consultancy service to aid you in the decision making process with independent analysis and financial planning.