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CEEP EDUCATIONAL CONSULT is a Limited Partnership Entity incorporated in 2013 and positioned to advance the frontiers of General Educational Consultancy in the areas of Legal Studies (Law) and Capacity Building (Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Organizational Development), Education Abroad and Entrance Exams Preparation etc through organized tuition, coaching, smart learning and sustainable mentorship in Ghana and beyond.

The entrepreneurial focus of CEEP is to become a dominant market leader in Ghana by 2025 in the arena of Legal Studies (Law), Leadership & Entrepreneurial Mentorship, Organization of In-House Capacity Building Trainings, Education Abroad and Banner Advertisement for Universities. It hopes to become a leading educational consulting firm to promote smart learning and 80/20 approach in thinking.

Our Standards


To become the leading Educational Consulting Firm in Ghana by 2025 to advance the frontiers of smart learning and 80/20 thinking approach to solving problems.


To advance the frontiers of smart learning and 80/20 thinking approach through organized tuition, coaching and sustainable mentorship in leadership and entrepreneurship in the areas of Legal Studies(Law), Organizational In-House Capacity Building, Leadership & Entrepreneurial Mentorship, Education Abroad, Banner Advertisement and Access Courses for Universities Entrance Examinations,

Global Partners

We are proud to be associated with Nexus Exchange Limited - UK, Faber Infinite - India, Harel Mallac Technologies Ltd - Mauritius.


CEEP Educational Consult in its modus operandi is being guided by the following CORE Values;